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What would you describe as your initial process when Jean-Louis Dumas approached you about designing a Hermes timepiece? How did your background in architecture and design help you and how was it a challenge to do so?

One afternoon in 1996, Jean-Louis Dumas was discussing with me what a Hermes watch for men might look like. We imagined a watch that would be suitable for adventurers, heroes, brave men, keen travelers, and sportsmen, but not to the extremes of the genre. In 2010, we presented several models to Pierre Alexis Dumas. We breathed life into the project, which was Philippe Delhotal's first Hermes development.(

Throughout my career, I have used circles and squares to represent the arcs of my architectural training. The first UTissot Replica was a perfect expression of geometry, with the perfect square. The new UTissot Replica represents a new geometrical concept: a circle nestled in a square.

The 2010 UTissot Replica had a complex design. The timepiece, however, was a piece that exuded sobriety. Can you explain how you created this striking paradox?

The UTissot Replica has a very contemporary design. It was designed before the current nomadic items such as laptops and cellphones that used to be sharp-sided and have now softened angles.Rolex Daytona Replica It's a masculine Hermes that exudes elegance and is minimalist. Exclusive. And it was incredibly light, at a time where heavier watches were available.

In the world of horology, there are many four-sided watches that are iconic and staple. When designing the UTissot Replica, were you aware of the four-sided watches that have been around for a long time? How did you find your own place in the design?

I wasn't creating a timepiece, but rather an object that represents the Hermes values. This was achieved by expressing the geometry of shapes and seeking harmony in pureness and perfection in the details. As a result, I could not be influenced in any way by the rest the business.

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